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    Date2015-05-22 00:00:00 +0100

    In an article published in the Company Lawyer, Chris Stears and Roger McCormick offer their views on the issues of Conduct Risk facing banks (and their regulators). They explore solutions that include a periodic ‘Benchmarked and Comparative Conduct Risk Review” and a "database of Conduct Costs” (potentially hosted by the regulator(s)) that follows the framework devised by the Conduct Costs Project here at the Foundation. (see, Stears, McCormick, 'ConductRiskReviews' Comp. Law. 2015, 36(6), 175-179)

    We expect an editorial piece on the Foundation and the importance of the research it undertakes to be published in the Company Lawyer in July - so keep an eye out for that.

    Finally, we were pleased to see BBC News using the Conduct Costs Project’s results data in this article, published on 21 May 2015* 

    *the table was produced, at the request of the BBC, by filtering its data by "Conduct Costs" attributable to the U.S. More in-depth analysis is of course possible using the various metrics recorded against each conduct event within the Project’s database. Those interested in commissioning detailed analysis, beyond the results tables published online, should not hesitate to contact Roger McCormick

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