1. Legal and Conduct Risk in the Financial Markets, (3 ed.), Roger McCormick and Chris Stears
    Conduct - Ethics in large organizations
    People - Metrics for behaviour
    Culture - Evidence led research
  1. Welcome to the CCP Research Foundation

    The CCP Research Foundation is a social enterprise. It has no political affiliations. As a Community Interest Company, it will seek to support academic and civil society research projects. It was created by its directors - Roger McCormick, Chris Stears and Tania Duarte in July 2014. 

    The Foundation sponsors and encourages research projects and related activities in the Conduct, Culture and People arena, particularly those that are concerned with changing societal expectations, public trust in institutions and relationships between civil society, government and enterprise. Projects may be centred on the Foundation's activities alone or may be conducted with other bodies, for example, in the academic world. 

    The Foundation is always interested to talk to, and meet, anyone who is interested in starting a new project or working as a researcher or (of course!) helping us with funding. Please do contact us if you would like to know more.

    Legal and Conduct Risk in the Financial Markets, (3 ed.), Roger McCormick and Chris Stears 

    CCP Research Foundation is pleased to see the publication of "Legal and Conduct Risk in the Financial Markets" by Oxford University Press, authored by two of the Foundation's directors - Roger McCormick and Chris Stears.

    The book, now on its third edition, focuses on legal, reputational and conduct risk in financial markets, tackling issues ranging from post financial crisis policy, structural and regulatory change to risk management technique, common issues and current proposals.

    See here for further information.

    See here the full review. New


    Call for funding

    The Foundation is largely dependent on donations for its funding. Please contact us if you wish to discuss supporting the Foundation and / or becoming a Partner Institution.

    We would like to acknowledge a very generous grant, and related financial assistance, received from Vanessa and Paul Watchman. We are extremely grateful for their support. 

    Partner Institutions and Collaborations

    CCP Research Foundation and the Centre for Compliance and Trust at Cambridge Judge Business School collaborate on banking standards initiatives

    See here for further information on the collaboration and, in due course, details of joint seminars and other events, as well as collaborative research publications. 

    CCP Research Foundation and Queen Mary Institute for Regulation and Ethics partner on joint research projects, seminars and events

    See here for further information on the partnership and, in due course, details of collaborative research projects, seminars and events.







    The Conduct Costs Project Association

      Do you want access to the data underlying the Project's results / analysis and to participate in project-related events?
      Then consider joining the Project's Association.

      See here for details of the Association's Rules and Member Benefits


  1. The CCP Research Foundation is a new, independent social enterprise vehicle, set up to foster and support a new generation of research projects on the theme of "Conduct, Culture and People."  



    CCP Research Foundation C.I.C.

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